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TechnoMagicLand Contest

TechnoLogica PLC, a leading Bulgarian software company, which since 1990 has been developing a complex activity in the field of information technology and within their social responsibility activities has implemented various projects to support education, announces a call for proposals for future interactive children's exhibition of A Children's Interactive Center for Science and Technology TechnoMagicLand.

Without going as far as being a museum, TechnoMagicLand will trace the development of different branches of science during the ages, initially in seven areas: informatics, robotics, machine engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry and astronomy.

Also, without being an educational institution, TechnoMagicLand will facilitate the acquiring of knowledge through action and participation in experiments. Here inquisitive children of all ages will discover how the laws of nature work, will monitor the way machines and tools work with suitably adapted devices and models and will conduct various experiments with them. 

The main target age group are children at the ages from 7 to 14 year old, but TechnoMagicLand will also be interesting for schoolchildren, teachers, parents and kids of all ages, because there will be organized meetings with renounced Bulgarian and international scientists, mini-courses in informatics and robotics, contests in creativity, scientific debates and workshops of interest.


The main objective of the competition is to obtain proposals for the development of interactive models and examples of modern machines, tools and equipment to make possible combining science, technical sciences, education and entertainment for explorers of all ages. However, the contest is not limited to this only and any other idea for interesting exhibit or impressive experimental installation will be allowed in the race for the awards. The only limitation is that the proposed exhibit should refer to one of the seven specified areas: informatics, robotics, machine engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry and astronomy. Mandatory requirement is that the proposed exhibits are authored by the person submitting them, and are not encumbered with other copyrights.


The contest is open and anyone, who loves science and technology and wants to offer concrete ideas, adapted devices, models or examples for future exhibitions of the Children's Interactive Center for Science and Technology TechnoMagicLand. With particular interest are expected proposals from students and teachers, university students and professors, young scientists and academics, inventors and experimenters.

Each participant can choose one or more of the announced fields and make more than one proposal in each of them. In this case, each of the proposals should be prepared separately, in accordance with the requirements and should be sent in a separate envelope.

Participation in the competition can be individual or collective.


Three proposals will be awarded in each of the seven announced areas. First Prize - 4000 BGN, second prize - 2000 BGN and third prize - 1000 BGN. Beside the cash prize, the authors of successful proposals will be entitled the right to have their names placed next to the interactive exhibits, made based on their idea at the Children's Interactive Center for Science and Technology TechnoMagicLand, and all remaining copyrights are transferred to TechnoLogica EAD.


For each of the seven areas a jury of competent professionals will be drawn, who will evaluate the extent to which specific proposal complies with the announced criteria and the overall concept of the exhibition and Children's Interactive Center for Science and Technology TechnoMagicLand.


Submitted proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Attractiveness: The exhibit invokes and manages to keep the curiosity of children in the target age group.
  •  Interactivity: The exhibit allows children to acquire knowledge independently by activating it or experimenting with it.
  • Price: The cost of producing the exhibit and value supplies/consumables, necessary for its functioning are consistent with its intended use.
  • Timeliness: The exhibit is connected to the state-of-arts achievements or key stage in the development of technology in the field.
  • Originality: The exhibit shows a known process, known technology or device operating in a new way or from a different angle.
  • Safety: The exhibit is not dangerous for children who watch or follow the operation of the device or do experiments with it.
  •  Sustainability: The exhibit maintains its integrity and operational capability and is protected from accidental or inconsistent actions of children who activate it or experiment with it.


Will be given consideration to applications, the text of which is printed on one side white sheets A4 print fond Times New Roman, size 12 points, line spacing: 1. The text could have applications with drawings and specifications of the proposed adapted devices, models and examples and documentation for their making.

The first sheet of the proposal should contain the following information only in the order given:

Scientific area, the proposal refers to:

Title of the proposal:

How many pages does it consist of (including the cover page and attachments, if any):

Brief description of the proposal (100 words):

Explanation why the proposed idea, adapted device model or layout is suitable for children from 7 to 14 years (up to 70 words):



Email Address:


Postal address:


At the top of each subsequent sheet it should be written: science area of the proposal; the name of the proposal; name and surname of the participant in the contest must be indicated.


Each page (including the cover page and attachments, if any) must be numbered. Page numbers should be placed in the lower right corner.


Highest number of points will receive a proposal that fully meets the assessment criteria and include:

  • Detailed description of the idea, the experimental set, the interactive model or layout of the modern machine, appliance, apparatus.
  • Technical specifications, accompanied by diagrams and drawings.
  • Brief history of the machine, appliance, apparatus, and information about the application and importance for the development of science, engineering or technology.
  • Instruction for the use of the interactive exhibits, written in a language understandable for children who are from 7 to 14 years old.
  • Financial projections for the production of the experimental set, the interactive model or example of a modern machine, appliance, apparatus.
  • Instructions how to make or where to order and produce the experimental set, the interactive model or example of a modern machine, appliance, apparatus.



The competition will be held in two stages. The first phase will finish with the election of the five best entries in each of the seven areas mentioned. The authors of these proposals will be invited to participate in the second stage when they will have the opportunity to present their proposal openly to the members of the jury and convince them of its benefits. During the second stage it is allowed the use of PowerPoint and video presentation as well as demonstration of adapted devices, models and set-ups if the participants have any.



Deadline for receipt of applications: October 10, 2014.


How to send proposals

Each proposal must be sent in electronic form and on paper.

An electronic version is sent to the email address: In the subject line there should be written: For the competition TechnoMagicLand. The proposal itself should be sent as an attachment to an email and in the content of the email there should be written only the information from its first page, as specified in the requirements.

The proposal of the paper should be sent in an envelope A4 envelope and in the envelope no other documents or information should be added, and sent to:

For the competition TechnoMagicLand

TechnoLogica EAD

46, Cherevna stena str.

1421 Sofia



Information for Children’s Interactive Center for Science and Technology TechnoMagicLand, as well as the progress of the competition can be obtained from the blog of TechnoMagicLand and TechnoMagicLand’s Fan Page at Facebook:

Participants in the competition will be informed of the receipt of their proposals, and the jury's decision by email. List of the admitted to the second stage proposals will be published in the blog of TechnoMagicLand. The authors of these proposals will be informed promptly of the date and venue of the second stage of the competition. The list of winning proposals will be published in the blog of TechnoMagicLand and TechnoMagicLand’s Fan Page at Facebook.

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