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The Winner Is Nikolet Veleva

The Chicago Festival made it possible for Nikolet Veleva, who graduated Miguel de Servantes High School in Sofia this year, to win an iPod nano.

The U.S. Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, announced a trivia contest to celebrate Sofia’s first-ever Chicago Fest. For two weeks, trivia questions on Chicago’s history, architecture, and arts were posted on the fen page of the Embassy. Participants had to follow simple rules: watch the Embassy’s Facebook page for new trivia questions, post their answers, and for every answer they get right, their names were entered into the final drawing. 

As it was announced on June 27, 2011, the lucky winner in the contest was Nikolet Veleva who received an iPod nano.


The U.S. Embassy was proud to be partnering with the Friends of Chicago Foundation and Sofia City Hall on the first Chicago Festival. It kicked off on June 20 with a lecture on Chicago’s rich architectural history and finished up on June 25 with a screening of a documentary shot by a Bulgarian filmmaker, entitled “Chicago Impression.” Held just before the American Independence Day holiday, the festival highlighted the close friendship between Americans and Bulgarians as well as the strong ties between Chicago and Sofia.

On behalf of the Friends of Chicago Foundation, we extend our congratulations to the lucky winner. Nikolet Veleva won an iPod nano; Chicago won one more friend in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia.

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