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Wonders of Chicago and Miracles of Thrace

February 04, 2011


On January 28, 2011, Friends of Chicago Foundation and Perperikone Foundation organized a public lecture of Ivan Sotirov, Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago from 2005 to 2009, on “Wonders of Chicago: Millenium Park” at the Mara Lateva Art Center in the city of Haskovo. Over sixty people came to learn more about the biggest park on a roof in the world. 

The 24.5-acre Millennium Park has been built on the roof of a railway station and a huge parking-garage. Situated in the heart of Chicago, it is more a place fore socializing and cultural interaction than a simple green patch on the city map. In the 21st century, however, only parks of that type could successfully compete with the Internet and rival with Facebook.

The official opening of Millennium Park was on July 16, 2004, and three million people visit it yearly since. Chicago has always attracted a lot of tourists, and Millennium Park chipped in that. In 2008, 44 million Americans and 1.3 foreigners visited Chicago and contributed more than US$11.8 billion to Chicago's economy.

The second part of the event was dedicated to Thrace’s Miracles. At the Modulor Gallery, which is situated on the first floor of the Mara Lateva Art Center, everyone had the opportunity to participate as a performer or a connoisseur of sublime art, unparallel local wine and food of Thrace’s gods. The piano player Darina Paraskova was the first to make a present to all attending. Her magical music added to the special atmosphere created by the magnificent colors of the paintings on the walls of the gallery. 


What folk dancers Delcho and Elena Popova did was transferring joy and happiness to people watching and admiring their elegant movements on the stage. Of course, without the excellent local wine provided by the winery “Malkata zvezda” and the Wine House “Mezek” the spirit wouldn’t be as high as it was. It is well known, although, that good wine goes with tasty food. Traditional meals as Haskovska banitsa (kind of cake), buffalo yogurt, cheese and katak (a special mix of cheese and yogurt) offered by DIPI OOD and BUL MILK OOD made the talk last longer and be more pleasant.

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